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Request A Free Americlear Sample Lamination

See How Your Fabric Responds When Laminated

To ensure you will be 100% satisfied with your Americlear finish, we encourage you to send us a fabric sample for lamination. Although lamination works beautifully on many fabrics, certain weaves, textures and patterns can produce unexpected results. Patterns that run perpendicular to the selvedge, for example, may be distorted by lamination because of the fabric's bias.

Here's What We Need To Produce Your Free Lamination Sample

  • A swatch of 1-yard x full, uncut width of fabric (Width may be 45” to 58”.)
    (REQUIRED: 1 yard minimum width and length.)
  • Specify matte or glossy finish
  • Specify front or back application
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for production

Take note: Due to variations in pigments used to dye fabrics, colors may be changed slightly by the lamination process. Please read our full disclaimer below.

How To Order Americlear Lamination for Your Fabric


Determine the amount of material you want laminated and request a free quote online or by calling 1-800-626-2350.


Fax or e-mail us your purchase order instead of including it in the shipment. Be sure to indicate “glossy” or “matte” finish and mark which face you want laminated, front or back. (See payment terms and conditions.)


To send your fabric, roll it on tubes piece by piece, rather than folding it.


Mark shipping labels with your company name and purchase order number, and ship FOB to:
Americo, 601 E. Barton, West Memphis, AR 72301


Allow 15 to 20 working days from the time we receive your fabric for us to complete your order.

DISCLAIMER: Americo does not inspect your fabric before lamination and assumes no liability for any processes, weaves, or finishes not applied by Americo (e.g., bleed-through dyes, biases weaves, crocking shrinking, etc.) Americlear laminates are not machine washable and exposure to the elements may cause laminate film to break down or peel, for which Americo assumes no responsibility. Please take advantage of our free sample lamination before placing your order.


FILM: Translucent, .0006 gauge PVC
FLAME RETARDANCE: Meets or exceeds federal standards. Americlear lamination is fire-resistant when bonded to chemical flame-retardant fabrics.

Vinyl lamination withstands temps to -10° F.

WIDTH OF GOODS: 45” to 58”

APPEARANCE: Because of the idiosyncrasies of pigments used for dyeing fabrics, lamination can change fabric color slightly.

  • Custom or Pre-laminated
  • Matte and Glossy Finishes
  • Easy, Laundry-Free Care
  • Free Samples
  • Free Quotes
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